Independent reading #4 Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life

Middle School the worst years of my life

Where to buy: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles ETC.

Rating: 4 stars

Cost: $7.99

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Chris Tebbetts


Middle school the worst years of my life is based on a boy named Rafe Katchadorian. Rafe lives with his sister Georgia, his mom, and his mom’s boyfriend aka bear. Rafe is starting a new year at A new school after being kicked out of his previous schools. At the new school Rafe already runs into a bully named Miller the Killer. During the year Rafe gets this “great” idea to break every rule in the school’s code of conduct. Rafe turns it into a game with 3 lives and he gets points. He has to get a certain amount of points by the end of the day. If not he loses a life. Once 3 lives are up, Game Over.

What I Liked: Honestly My favorite part of the book is when Rafe got the idea of breaking the rules because it was interesting to me a fellow middle schooler.

What I Disliked: My least favorite part was when Rafe got caught by the police because that’s when I realized that the whole breaking the rules was over


Middle School The Worst Years Of My Life

Independent Reading #3


Author: Jeff Kinney  Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway

Where to Buy: Barnes & Nobles

Star Rating: 5 stars


Summary: The Heffleys are getting ready for a cold Christmas winter month when a commercial comes on. The commercial happens to be about the resort where the Heffley parents went to for a honeymoon. After a discussion the Heffleys decide to go and escape the cold. However, Greg Heffley is not happy. He wants to have a normal Christmas like other people with a Christmas tree and stalkings. At the airport the Heffleys mistake There bag with another bag and left without noticing. When they get to the resort they notice. After the find out that they need clothes they decide to use the clothes because it fit them. The other family found out and told security and then the Heffleys where kicked out. They tried to sneak back in but once again they where caught and then they became wanted. After the Heffleys return the decide that next time they will have a normal Winter.

What I Liked: The book had a lot of humor like all of the wimpy kid series

What I disliked:  Nothing!

I would give it 5 STARS



Season's Greetings

Independent Reading #2:

Jeffery Magee lives a normal life until his parents get killed in a tragic trolley accident when he’s three. He’s sent to live with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan. At the age of 11 Jeffery runs away. Jeffery ends up all the way in Two Mills Pennsylvania. Two Mills is divided into to towns. One town is for blacks and the other is for whites. Jefferey starts of in the east end aka the black side and is adopted by the Beales. Long story short Jeffery runs away and meets this minor leaguer named Earl Grayson.

All of a sudden Jeffery is adopted once again. Earl is thought by Jeffery on how to read. After a while Grayson dies and one again Jeffery is starving and homeless in valley Forge. Jefferey is then picked up by The McNabs and the goes back to live with the Beales.

After that Jeffery realized that his real home was with the Beales

Independent reading: Guinness World Records: Block Busters

The Guinness World Records: Block Busters, is about all the top electronic celebrities such as Clash Of Clans and Minecraft.

My favorite pick is The Avengers because I have always been a fan of marvel and especially Captain America.

My Least Favorite pick is Frozen because I think sometimes you’re just too old for kids movies, but also it is just very annoying to me.

The book was mainly on Games, Movies, and shows. I give this book a 4 star because the content is not based on the real world and its based on games and movies.

I would recommend this if your interested in record breaking feats.



Hurricane Irma Reflection

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During Hurricane Irma, all sorts of things where going through my mind just like anybody else in a hurricane. The only difference is i have my own point of view. Like other people we were prepared and we had bottles of water and a generator along with Flashlights. We had put on plywood on our windows so no flying objects went through the windows. It was rough with no ac. We went without power for 11 days, no WiFi for 15 days, and no ac for 17 days.

During the stormits was super hot and ever time i got out of the shower, I would always feel a blast of hot air. At night it was so frustrating for me to sleep. Later on after the hurricane My power was stilldown so i stayed at my grandma’s house.

To this day there is still roots up and debree loose ready to be cleaned up.